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“No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” John 15;13
“I was in prison you visited me “Mathew 25; 36 “Remember this who are in prison as though you were in prison with them “Heb. 13; 3
If anyone is caught doing something wrong, you my friends who live by the Spirit mush gently set him right. Look to yourself each one of you; you also may be tempted. Galatians 6;1


Fr. Sebastian Vadakumpadan
"1. Rehabilitate a prisoner today, better the world tomorrow"
"2. Rehabilitate a prisoner today, save a potential victim."
"3. Help a child of a prisoner, prevent a potential criminal"
We are not essentially different from prisoners whom we visit in prison. It is only circumstances that distinguish us and we mush be grateful to God for these circumstances.
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"Be a love Bomb, Let it be exploded, not to kill, But to heal the broken hearts"

This small sentence is the seed of Prison Ministry India. On 8th December 1981, our founders named Varghese Karippery and Francis Kodiyan, (Philosophy Students in St Thomas apostolic Seminary, Vadavathoor, Kottayam), had been entrusted with the weekly office for attending the phone calls.

While they had been on duty, they encountered a special intervention of God, who bestows them with a special gift to work for the least, the last and the lost; followed by a powerful message from the crucifix that invites every person to become a Love-bomb to heal the broken hearts.
On Calvary, the death of Jesus was really an explosion of a super dynamic Love Bomb. The person who dropped the Love bomb has been broken in to pieces but won life for others. If Jesus is a Super-Dynamic Love Bomb, we should at least become a dynamic Love Bomb. This powerful insight began to pester our every movements and thoughts. Bro. Francis asked himself "How can I become a Love Bomb to explode love in to the lives of several broken hearted? Subsequently, they formed a group and began to raise their hearts to God through the intercessory prayers, for the least, the last and lost. Every afternoon, as it is reported, they used to sit before the Blessed Sacrament and pray for the different groups of dejected and despondent people such as alcoholics, prisoners, sick, drug-addicts, slum dwellers, and others.

On 1st of July 1985, when they had been given an opportunity for field-experience, Bro. Francis pinpointed an apt title for the presuming board named 'Prison Fellowship India'. Consequently they entered the office of Prison Fellowship and Mr. John Kurian explained about the Prison ministry.

They came back to the seminary and shared Prison Ministry experiences. After their inspirational sharing, Bro. Jose Kochuparambil suggested to immediately animate a Jail ministry program during summer holidays. For the same prison pilgrimage, they formed a group of eight brothers and three Fathers. With the inception of chain prayer and fasting for six months began on September 1985, the ministry started to leave a legacy of abrupt change in the lives of several convicted and under trials.
Each one took up responsibly for four jails among the thirty-nine jails of Kerala for special prayer. March 1st, 1986, has left an indelible mark in the history of the Prison ministry India with inception of a prison pilgrimage to the Kerala prisons accompanied by a small-orchestrated program, which conveyed the powerful message of Jesus. This same pilgrimage encouraged the prisoners to develop a new vision and mission in their life. Many of them had reportedly experienced great peace and joy. They could clearly understand the great need and the relevance of this ministry in today’s world.

Usually it is said 'once in jail, always in jail'. A released prisoner can be trapped at any time under suspicious circumstances therefore their life is still at risk and insecure in spite of their release.

Prison pilgrimage was really an eye-opener for them, for they learnt to rely on the providence of God as the only resource for an effective Jail ministry. And that was exactly the reason why this movement bore the name 'Jesus Fraternity'.
Whenever we go in Jesus name, prison gates are getting opened for us because only Jesus can work miracles among the prisoners. During the Christmas season on 1985, they had collected some addresses of prisoners and sent Christmas greeting cards to them. And they too have received reply cards from the prisoners in time. Interestingly one person among them had posted the biggest Christmas card which read as follows; "Dear loving Brother, I have been living here in this prison for the last six years. Nobody has written a single letter to me ever since my entry inside. And today I realize that there is somebody who loves me and prays for me."

The group continued to pray for the construction of a renewal and rehabilitation centre for the effective prison apostolate. This dream came true on October 1991 with the purchase of 11 acres of land for the rehabilitation centre, earned laboriously out of begging from several philanthropic people all over Kerala. We accept the released prisoners whole-heartedly irrespective of what caste and creed they belong. No recommendation is required, and they have the freedom to move in and move out. If someone stays there for six months for mental adjustment, they are being helped in various ways such as, re-integration with the family, society, seeking jobs for them from other activities.