Bible Words

“No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” John 15;13
“I was in prison you visited me “Mathew 25; 36 “Remember this who are in prison as though you were in prison with them “Heb. 13; 3
If anyone is caught doing something wrong, you my friends who live by the Spirit mush gently set him right. Look to yourself each one of you; you also may be tempted. Galatians 6;1


Fr. Sebastian Vadakumpadan
"1. Rehabilitate a prisoner today, better the world tomorrow"
"2. Rehabilitate a prisoner today, save a potential victim."
"3. Help a child of a prisoner, prevent a potential criminal"
We are not essentially different from prisoners whom we visit in prison. It is only circumstances that distinguish us and we mush be grateful to God for these circumstances.
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Briefing of departments

Prison institutions are one of the three main constituents of the Crimal Justice System and the other two being the Police department and the Judiciary. A comprehensive study is to be done about these three institutions with a key focus on the rehabilitation of prisoners. Prison is defined as a place in which a person is kept in captivity or confinement as a result of legal process. Prison and it administration is a state subject in India as directed by item 4 under list 11, schedule VII in the Constitution of India. Prison institutions are ruled by the prison Rules of the each state and under the control of State Government.Prison is a very complex system and the working inside prison should be very much systematic and effective. Otherwise it will be like a drop in the ocean. We may not able to cover all the prisoners and their needs.There should be always follow up of whatever we do in the prisons. Unless we keep records of everything it is just impossible to trace a prisoner in the crowd. As each state is independent in its administration it is very much needed to coordinate the work of prison ministry in different departments. So that each need can be categorized under certain department and can be channelized to concerned people of the department under various levels.

List of Departments

Department of Legal Assistance


  • Service of advocates
  • Follow up the cases
  • Provide legal literacy among the volunteers
  • Implication of law for the prisoners
  • Referring point for any legal complications

Department of Research


  • Keep update the documents.
  • Evaluation of the functioning of the other departments.
  • Prepare the materials for the awareness classes and arrange the training programs.

Department for Prison Officials


  • Training for the prison officials..
  • Increase the rapport with prison officials..
  • Maintain the relationship between prison officials and volunteers.

Department of Prisoners Reform


  • Medical.
  • Educational .
  • Skilled trained
  • Spiritual formation

Department for Rehabilitation Centres


  • To develop special pattern for rehabilitation centre..
  • Financial, legal and moral support to the rehabilitation centre..
  • Formation for the director and staff of the rehabilitation centre.
  • Conduct training programme for the inmates .

Department for Foreign Prisoners


  • Help for the repatriation..
  • Make the good relationship with embassy’s of the different countries. .
  • Help the Indian nationals in foreign prisoners..

partment for Public Media


  • Make more publication about PMI through modern media .
  • Updating the website.
  • Publication of books .
  • Taking care of the monthly news bulletin.

Department for Prisoners’ and victims’ family


  • Family visits (both victims and offenders).
  • Help to the families of the prisoners (medical spiritual and moral)
  • Educational help to victim’s and offender’s children.
  • Connect the families with local parish

Department for Volunteers


  • Arrange training programs for volunteers..
  • Conventions
  • New volunteers' day.

Department for State Delegation


  • Form a team of delegates for various states.
  • Conduct training programme for the national delegates.
  • Support to the delegates.
  • Make regular visits to the states.
  • Make them aware that they are the mediator of state and national office.
Thus we dream to achieve those above mentioned goals through these departments of Prison Ministry India