Bible Words

“No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” John 15;13
“I was in prison you visited me “Mathew 25; 36 “Remember this who are in prison as though you were in prison with them “Heb. 13; 3
If anyone is caught doing something wrong, you my friends who live by the Spirit mush gently set him right. Look to yourself each one of you; you also may be tempted. Galatians 6;1


Fr. Sebastian Vadakumpadan
"1. Rehabilitate a prisoner today, better the world tomorrow"
"2. Rehabilitate a prisoner today, save a potential victim."
"3. Help a child of a prisoner, prevent a potential criminal"
We are not essentially different from prisoners whom we visit in prison. It is only circumstances that distinguish us and we mush be grateful to God for these circumstances.
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Social responsibility

You and me are directly involved in changing the society and forging India’s tomorrow. “ It is better to light a candle than to curse darkens.” You lit a small candle for the prisoners. You will notice the difference that this little candle has made in our society and to pass on the Good news to others. So the present situations in prisons such a human ware house overcrowded by 3 times, breeding ground of criminals instead of reformation, disease prone areas, idle mind workshops due to less entertainment and occupations, sluggish judiciary, breeding of corruption, get a change. No one is free while their Neighbours are not free.

Community (flats, others)

Today the living of the people are in flats and multi-storeyed building provide a big number of families. We would like to address the issues and make collaborators of this mission such as
  • Donation drives
  • Volunteer
  • Create work groups and provide assistance


Prison Ministry India is collaborating with many organisations as they can do better in this concern and in more systematic way. We are already partners with many organizations such as Rotary Clubs, Samaritan Groups, Vincent de Paul Society, Y’s men international, and other charitable organizations and they step in for the following
  • Jobs
  • Donations
  • volunteer


We are not alone in our mission, not alone in attempt to change, not alone in joy, not alone in the trials, not alone in rehabilitation and we are together with many NGOs working in the prisons such as Prison Fellowship, Joel foundation, Christian, Hindu and Muslim NGOs.